1) SOUTHERN CRUISERS RIDING CLUB�, from here on known as the SCRC, in Memphis, TN is the National and International Headquarters for the Southern Cruisers Riding Club� and all local Chapters and Membership will take direction from said Headquarters and will comply with the constitution of this organization. Any information about the Southern Cruisers Riding Club� and the operation of its Constitution should be directed to the Founder and National President at this address: Rickster@SouthernCruisers.Net .

2) For those that wish to form a Chapter you must apply to the Southern Cruisers by utilizing the Online Chapter Form located at: . 1st Officers must be 21 years of age or older.  After review of the instructions on the Chapter Form, and if the applicant agrees with the information listed here, the Chapter Director will contact the local State Officer for the state in which the proposed would be located. The State Officer would make contact with the applicant and the First Officers of any other Chapters that would be deemed to be in close proximity for information on whether this Chapter is in the best interest of the SCRC. After approval has been obtained, the applicant will then be required to purchase the Club Patch.  Upon submitting proof of purchase, the Chapter Director will then open the Chapter and assign the Chapter a Chapter Number. The applicant that applies for an SCRC Chapter will at that point be known as the 1st Officer of that Chapter and will take direction from the State Officer in which they applied. Any information needed about Chapters and Officers of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club� will need to be directed to the Chapter Director of the SCRC at this address: Richard@SouthernCruisers.Net .

3) All First Officers of formed Chapters will be sent the current codes to access those areas restricted to Club Officers. A JPG file or Microsoft Word� of the Membership Card will also be supplied for and a program will be made available for those that are interested in making Membership Cards for their Members. The First Officer may also place within the Chapter a Second Officer, Road Captain (s) and other positions if necessary to keep the Chapter operating at its very best.

4) All First Officers must maintain current Email, Phone Number and Address with the SCRC. Officers who do not maintain lines of communication with SCRC National, their State Officer and their Chapter members shall be replaced. If no replacement First Officer is found, the Chapter will be closed and the remaining Membership moved to the closest Chapter. Any Member of the Chapter may contact the State Officer or National Chapter Director as a request to assume the role as the New First Officer. The State Officer and the National Chapter Director will issue all decisions on these requests.

5) The Club Patch of the SCRC and the names "SCRC" and "Southern Cruisers Riding Club" are the property of the SCRC and are a Registered Trademark and as such are not to be reproduced for sale by ANY member or outside entity " Profit or Non Profit " for any reason without the written permission of the SCRC Trademark Owner. Trademark information can be located at this site, . The "Patch" and the name "Southern Cruisers Riding Club�" may be reproduced for Membership Cards, Letterhead, Newsletters and Web Sites or other similar items. All Graphics used on the National Web Site may be used on the Chapter Web Sites without permission from the SCRC. Chapter Web Sites will need to be approved before they are listed on the National Site and all updates involving the National Web Site will need to be directed to the Webmaster of the National Site at this address: . Rickster@SouthernCruisers.Net

6) The "Patch", as worn on the vest or jacket shall consist of the Winged Eagle worn on the upper half of the vest or jacket as the cut of the vest may allow. The SCRC Club Patch is not and should not be referred to as "Colors". No three-piece patches are permitted in the SCRC. No Member of the SCRC shall ever add the letters MC or wear the designation 1% on their vest, jacket or any other article of clothing while representing the SCRC. No M/C or 1% Support patches or any kind of MC support insignias, such as hats, T-shirts, stickers on helmets or bikes, or representations of any kind, will be displayed by members of the Southern Cruisers while wearing the SCRC patch, participating in Southern Cruisers events, or representing the Southern Cruisers in any way.  No Rockers/Chapter Location Bars - "CLBs" that identify a City, State, or Territory or anything giving the appearance of a rocker will be worn with the SCRC wings on the back of the vest or jacket.  The Southern Cruisers is a neutral, family oriented, international riding club and cannot show preference to any one club over another. Other patches that present the Southern Cruisers in a bad light will also not be worn.  If there is any doubt, contact the National Membership Director for clarification.


1) The Southern Cruisers Riding Club considers safety to be the most important feature of any ride. Given the nature of the club's free structure and that membership in the SCRC is voluntary; at no time does the SCRC accept responsibility for any rider's actions or lack of action before, during or after a ride.

Each individual rider is 100% responsible for:
a) safely operating their vehicle in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws.
b) Making sure that they and their vehicle are un-impaired, and are currently functioning safely.
c) making sure that they can perform and maneuver safely in the riding environment that they are in. Should they be not 100% sure of their ability in the current ride, they must remove themselves from the situation. At all times, each rider must ride within their capabilities.
d) Section (a) - (c) above and thus, ultimately, their own safety, actions and/or lack of action.
It is the duty of every rider to make sure the environment is safe for themselves as well as for other riders. In doing so, every ride will be as safe as possible.

2) The Southern Cruisers Riding Club does not condone drinking and riding. Anyone participating in a Southern Cruisers ride or event who consumes alcoholic beverages or any other substance that may impair their ability to operate a motorcycle or any other motor vehicle does so without the consent of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. Everyone that participates in a Southern Cruisers ride or event must follow the laws regarding driving under the influence set forth by the state(s) within which that ride or event will take place.

3 )  The Southern Cruisers Riding Club requires all members to follow and observe all State and Local Laws while participating in a Southern Cruisers Event.  The Southern Cruisers does not condone any illegal activities or practices while riding in or holding an event or ride including but not limited to parading and road blocking.  Whenever possible, event or ride organizers will coordinate with their local law enforcement or department of transportation for their assistance in road blocking for large processions.  If law enforcement assistance is not available, large groups must be split into smaller groups that will be manageable without blocking any intersection, streets or drives.  Any violation of this article will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and/or the National Officers and could lead to dismissal from the Southern Cruisers.�

4 ) Any officer recognized by this constitution for the Southern Cruisers Riding Club may dismiss anyone participating in a Southern Cruisers ride or event if they are impaired or are endangering the safety of ride participants. Ultimately it is the individual�s responsibility to maintain themselves in a safe and lawful manner.


1) The SCRC at the National and International level will consist of National President, National Vice President, National Membership Director, National Chapter Director National Rides and Events Director. The term of service of these Officers is unlimited. If one of the National Positions becomes available, the New Officer will be voted in by the remaining National Officers. The National Officers have the right to vote in a New National Officer and to remove one when it becomes necessary to maintain the SCRC to its fullest capabilities.

2) The National President will oversee all activities within The Southern Cruisers Riding Club and all activities involving the Trademark of the Club. The National President will also maintain the National Web Site and will oversee all Officers and Members within the SCRC. The National President will also oversee the Rides and Events Director on all rides and events through out the SCRC.

3) The National Vice President will assist the National President in overseeing all activities with in the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. The National Vice President will also oversee The National Membership Director and also The National Chapter Director.

4) The National Membership Director will oversee all activities of the General Membership of the SCRC.   He/she will receive all new membership apps and forward each one to the state officer of that members� residence.   First Officers will update the National Membership Director when any status should change for a Member. The Membership Director will be assisted by one assistant to maintain the SCRC clubs current Roster, assign all new members to a chapter, and membership numbers and new chapter numbers. Any information regarding the General Membership of the SCRC should be directed to the National Membership Director at this address: .  

5) The National Chapter Director shall maintain the appointment of all State and First Officers. All Officers resigning positions shall inform the Chapter Director and assist at finding a replacement. The National Chapter Director prior to acceptance shall approve all replacements for State and local Chapter Officers and will oversee all Officers within the SCRC. Any information regarding setting up new chapters in the SCRC should be directed to the National Chapter Director at this address: Richard@SouthernCruisers.Net .

6) Rides and Events Director shall oversee all rides or events throughout the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. The Rides and Events Director will coordinate with the officer setting up the rally or event for their state/chapter to assure that the event has met the guidelines set forth for any SCRC event.  

7) The Regional Officers are appointed by the Chapter Director. They also must have the approval of the President and the Vice President. 
    Their responsibilities include:
a) Maintaining contact with assigned State Officers.
b) Coordinating rides and events in their regions and relate neighboring state and national rides and events.
c) Coordinate and set up a Regional Rally, ensuring not to interfere with National Rallies and events.
d) Ensure that State Officers in their region stay active and that National has their valid contact information including their email address and phone number.
e) Maintain an open line of Communication with the National Officers as well as local Officers within their region.

Regional Officers must have been an actively participating member in the Southern Cruisers for a minimum of 1.5 years. They must have a working email address and phone number. Regional Officers will not hold any other Full-Time Officer position in the Southern Cruisers Riding Club.

8) The State Officer shall be appointed by the National Chapter Director to serve an unlimited term and may be removed by the same, or by action of the Board of Directors for conduct that shows the SCRC in a bad light, or any other reason deemed in the best interest of the Club. Depending on the size of the state and number of members within that state, an Assistant State Officer may be appointed by the State Officer with the approval of the National Chapter Director. The duties of the Assistant State Officer will be the same as the State Officers duties listed below.

The State Officer duties include:
a) Assisting the National Chapter Director in opening Chapters which includes shall assist the National Chapter Director in determining if a new chapter should open when another chapter exists in close proximity.
b) Assisting the National Chapter Director in replacement of First Officers in his state, whether they resign or are removed from office.
c) Maintaining communications between Chapter First Officers and the dissemination of information. State officers shall keep the National Officers informed of all matters that concern the SCRC.
d) Organizing a State Rally or Multi-Chapter Events.

e) The State officer will receive new membership applications. He/She will forward them to the proper chapter.   

9) First Officers are those that have applied for a Chapter and are in charge of the same. First Officers must be 21 years of age or older. First officers are required to purchase a large Southern Cruisers Riding Club patch. They are also required to wear the large patch as long as they are the first officer of the chapter or are a officer within the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. First Officers will use their own discretion as to their term of office. When leaving office, they may suggest candidates to the State Officer and Chapter Director for appointment or an election may be held within the chapter with the State Officer presiding.

The National Chapter Director will approve all First Officers. First Officers may be removed by the National Chapter Director, the State Officer with approval of the National Chapter Director, or by action of the Board of Directors, for conduct that shows the SCRC in a bad light, or any other reason deemed in the best interest of the Club.  Officers that resign their positions for any reason shall notify the State Officer and/or the Chapter Director.

All Officers who resign from their positions for other than hardship reasons will have a 6 month waiting period before they can be considered for another Officer position in the Southern Cruisers.  Hardship reasons consist of personal illness or that of a direct family member, death of a direct family member, relocation, temporary financial hardship or extreme time constraints placed on a member by employment, education or family.  Officers that have resigned due to hardship will be able to regain an Officers position based on the Chapter's need and with the State Officer�s and Chapter Director's approval.

All Officers that resign due to conflict of interests; or who have been negatively reviewed by the Board of Directors previously; or Officers that have been removed from their position for failing to follow the Club By-Laws or Officer Code of Conduct will not be allowed to hold an Officers position in the Southern Cruisers Riding Club again.

First Officers duties are:
a) Keeping chapter Members informed of SCRC National policies and events and also local rides and events.
b) Maintaining communication with their State Officers and National Officers.
c) Maintaining their chapter roster and notifying the National Membership Director of all changes in Membership status and member roster information.
d) Maintaining a ride schedule which includes regularly scheduled chapter rides and the possibility for impromptu rides.

10) Other Officers may be appointed by the First Officer or elected by the Membership of that Chapter. Other offices may include, but no limited to Second and Third officer, Road Captain and Tail Gunner. A Chapter may maintain its own board for the resolution of chapter related problems. Only National Officers, Regional Officers, State Officers and Chapter 1st and 2nd Officers will be identified on the Club Roster and Chapter page and have access to Officer's Only material.

11) Other Officers may become necessary as the Club grows and will be established by the National Officers and duties described in this Constitution.

12)  The National President or National Vice President or any National Officer can overrule any decision made by any Officer in the Southern Cruisers Riding Club.


1) The Board of Directors will consist of a panel of 9 Members and at no time will fall to less than 7 members.  They will be appointed by the President and Vice President and The Chairman of the Board of Directors. Board Members will serve on a year-to-year basis not to exceed more than Three Years as a Board Member. The Chairman of the Board will serve an unlimited term until he/she or the National Officer deems it necessary to replace him/her. The Board will meet on-line for the discussion of issues that CANNOT be resolved by the General Membership, First Officer, State Officer or the Regional Officer.

2) Any Member has the right to address the Board for any grievance, but the Chain of Command should be followed in this order:
a) First Officer
b) State Officer
c) Regional Officer
d) Board of Directors

3) A grievance may be presented to the Board in either Email or letter form. All pertinent information must accompany the request. All complaints from Officers or General Membership sent to the BOD for a review will be kept confidential and will not be released to the Public or the general Membership of the SCRC.   This gives all the Membership the opportunity to file a complaint without being subjected to public controversy. The content and context of complaints will only be shared with the individuals filing the complaint, the Board of Directors and those who the complaint is issued against. Any information and/or issues to be reviewed by the SCRC Board Of Directors need to be sent to the Chairman of the Board at this address: BOD@SouthernCruisers.Net .

4) Any Board Member may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the remaining Board Members, SCRC President and Vice President.



1) The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is a free, voluntary club. There are no dues but there are some commitments. Membership in the SCRC is open to anyone with an interest in group riding regardless of race, creed or sex and all applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Operators of motorcycles must have a valid Motorcycle endorsement on their license. Members must be either a Rider or Passenger on a street legal Motorcycle. Spouses, if they ride with their husband or wife as a passenger are eligible to join with the same Membership Status as the motorcycle operator. Non-riders will only be allowed Membership under special circumstances to be determined by the Chapter First Officer and any of the National Officers. The Southern Cruisers is an open club but retains the right to terminate the membership of any member that is found to be in violation of any part of this constitution or other club rules.

2) The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is a No Dues, "Family Oriented Club" and does require some attendance to Meetings or Rides. However, lack of Communications and Participation in a 90 day period may lead to revocation of Membership at the discretion of the Chapter First Officer. The Southern Cruisers is not an Internet Club for Motorcycle enthusiasts.

3) Anyone wishing to apply for Membership shall either complete:
a) An application form that has been reproduced on paper and return it to the chapter 1st Officer, or
b) The On Line form at .
The word "AGREE" must be entered on the online form for consideration of Membership. A signature must appear on reproduced forms. The SCRC and its Chapter Officers reserves the right to refuse Membership to anyone.

4) Upon submittal of the Membership Application, the Assistant Membership Director will assign the applicant to a Chapter and issue a Membership Number. The Membership Director will forward the application to the State Officer and he shall forward them to the Chapter First Officer receiving the new applicant. The Chapter First Officer shall contact the new applicant as soon as possible, within a week preferably.

5) The First Officer may remove Membership from any Member that does not comply with the Constitution of the SCRC or acts in a manner that does not reflect the SCRC in a good light. The First Officer may also turn problems within the Chapter over to the State Officer for more direction on the problem with the intent to make a final decision that's acceptable to the SCRC and the Membership of that Chapter.

6) Members may be placed as a Member-at-Large (MAL) if no Chapter is in their area. Applicants may not elect to join as a MAL if there is currently a chapter in their area. Upon the opening of a Chapter in the MAL's area, the MAL shall be placed in the Membership of the New Chapter.

7) The SCRC is an international club with over 30,000 members.  The SCRC has rules that will not suit everyone, but these rules are in place to maintain order in a large club that is made up of members from various backgrounds that love to ride.  There is no set rule that will suit all the members of the SCRC.  If members meet and choose to form an organization tailored to fit their own specific needs, and give their new group a name, they will be removed from our club and duel membership will not be allowed in the spin off group and the Southern Cruisers.  People that are truly just friends do not need a name or a patch to be friends and the naming of these groups is, in truth, to separate their group from the SCRC.  This will no longer be tolerated within our club, since past history has proven that spin off groups create problems within the SCRC.

The SCRC chooses to be an organization that the members take pride in even if they can only participate on a limited basis.  We want our members to work to improve the club in a positive way without forming clubs that conflict with our club.

8)  The National President or Vice President and or any National Officer can at any time revoke or refuse membership to any person for the good of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club as a whole.



1) Meetings may consist of formal sit down or rides that are conducted by the Chapter. No Member is required to attend any meeting; however, the First Officer of a Chapter may deem revocation of Membership necessary if a Member has not participated in an extended period of time. Also, Membership may be revoked if attempts to contact Member through Email, Telephone attempts or US Mail are not responded to or the attempts fail due to incorrect information.

2) Any National Officer, Board of Directors, State, or Chapter First Officers may call meetings. Members of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club� may also request Meetings by contacting the First Officer of that area and with approval may head this Meeting.



1) The SCRC will not discourage any member from attending a charity event or any chapter from conducting one. If the SCRC is to sponsor or its name is to be used in the billing of such event, a request for approval of event must be submitted to the National Events Director by filling out the application at this address: . After reviewing the submission of documents stating nature of event, benefit organization, insurance information, activity and lodging information. The National Rides and Events Director will make all decisions as to whether or not the ride or event can be a Southern Cruisers function.

2) If the name, Southern Cruisers Riding Club�, SCRC, or the Club Emblem is to be used in the promotion of a charitable event, by a chapter or member, then the beneficiary (Charitable Organization) of the event must be approved by the National Events Director, President and Vice President. This is to include any tee shirts or any banners.

3) No Bank accounts, Savings or Checking should ever be opened under the name Southern Cruisers Riding Club by any Officer or Member.

4)  Any Officer or Member involved in any acts of public Nudity, during a Southern Cruisers function will be removed from the Southern Cruisers Riding Club.� 


1) The Southern Cruisers Annual Birthday Celebration will be conducted in a location set aside by the President of the SCRC. The local Chapter/Chapters will be responsible for conducting rides and setting up motels for the Event. One motel will be designated as the headquarters and establishment of the Headquarters will be done as soon as possible for maximum occupancy. The Birthday Celebration will be conducted in conjunction with a charity event for St Jude Children�s Research Hospital.

2) State and Regional Rallies are encouraged and the State/Regional Officer will oversee the management of the rally. State Rallies should not just be limited to members in the State, but open to all members of the SCRC. Officers in charge of organizing these events should first contact the SCRC National Events Director at this address:

3) Chapters are encouraged to hold inter-chapter rides and weekend get-togethers. Chapters are also encouraged to attend local events and conduct local events so to promote the camaraderie of the club, increase chapter participation and demonstrate a positive public image.


1) These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of all the National Officers with the final approval of the President of the
 Southern Cruisers Riding Club.



Last Update 10-11-2020


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